First Ultrasound on 19 Apr 2010

I know this is not a clear ultrasound picture, just a picture of the apparatus. We are not in a city, sweetie, it is a village. Daddy calls it a city but I call it a village. The doctor didn’t have an ultrasound apparatus that takes a print-out. So, I asked Daddy to take a picture of it on his phone. Smart as he is, he took the picture of the apparatus rather than the ultrasound itself. Oh well, that’s daddy for you.

Here, we didn’t see you but we saw just the gestational sac. Inshallaah, in our next appointment we will be seeing a tiny bean with a tinier heartbeat. And, we may have a clearer picture of it as I will fine-tune daddy on our way to the clinic. I can’t wait to see your teeny-weeny heart beating, I hope I can see it.


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