Thursday, May 27 2010

Sunday, 23 May 2010, that’s when I saw your little hands and feet. I couldn’t believe how fast you grew! You were just a little unrecognizable tadpole, then a really tiny bean and now, you’re a little baby. Your head was formed; your hands and legs were recognizable. This time a tear dropped too, I couldn’t believe you were there with a tiny heartbeat and growing to be my baby.

In two weeks, inshallaah, I will be off to Hyderabad, India. There your Billi-Nani will be feeding so that you grow big and strong. I have lost weight in these three months, I don’t like cooking, so I try to fill myself with whatever doesn’t need to be cooked. I can’t wait to get to India, I will be back in familiar surroundings, and your grandparents and Mamas will be there for some time. I am really looking forward to all that.

Tomorrow, you will be 11weeks old. 11 weeks in my body! I can’t imagine anything as comforting as having you so close to me. Right now, you are a part of me. As much as I long to see you and have fun with you, I love the feeling of you being in me and I can’t wait to feel your kicks and punches.

Not going to write much now, I am in Cairo and quite hungry. Can’t wait for Daddy to get his work done and we leave. Daddy got back from Doha on Monday, 24 May 2010 and he is back to his grind.

I love you!

**This was originally written on May 27th 2010, but posted online now**

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