Girl or Boy?

As curious as I am, I had to ask the doctor if she could determine your sex. On the 7th of July, during the ultrasound, she said, it looks like a girl. Still not sure though, two more weeks to go to be sure. You may just be a late riser boy.

Though we have not yet fully accepted that you are a girl, Daddy and I refer to you as Fatimah. This had been the chosen name for you a long time back, probably  even before I conceived. Still looking for a boy-name that everyone is happy with. If I like a name, your Daddy doesn’t like it. If we both like a name,  one of your grandparents don’t like it. It is really funny and cute, all at the same time.

I am enjoying seeing your grandparents run helter-skelter trying to figure where the best place for your welcome is (my delivery). Your Nani has already chalked out a plan to welcome you in Bahrain amongst your Nana, Billi-Nani, Munno-Nana, Khala, Aziz Mama, Mi’iraj Mama and Yasin Mama. I hope you get to know them. These are the people who are very dear to me and whom I love a lot.

While you are in me sucking at your thumb, everyone is anxiously waiting for your arrival, oblivious to you. Everyone has dreams and plans. Subhanallaah. I feel loved and wanted only because the people I love have already begun loving you.

The last two ultrasounds on the 21st of June and 7th of July, all you have been doing is sucking your thumb. Daddy is ok with that but I am waiting to see other tricks of yours, maybe like a somersault in me or something more exciting. Hahahaha… I am getting impatient by the day.

22 more weeks to go, inshallaah!

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