Walking Heavy!

Day before yesterday, I was praying at the masjid, I couldn’t stand for long! Mashallaah, you are growing really quickly. The pregnancy weight was hurting my heels due to prolonged standing. It wasn’t like the recitation was long, it was quite short. I found this really heart warming. My little teenie weenie beanie is growing…

Not even my loosest skirt fits me anymore. I am going to start wearing Daddy’s tracks and T-shirts. It is a bit embarassing, but will be a little more patient in buying some fashionable maternity wear. Your Nani handed over all her maternity wear to me but they are still boxed up in Malaysia. I hope I get a chance to wear them, inshallaah.

I can’t put up pictures here, yesterday I had a party at my friend’s place. Daddy took a couple of pictures of me all dressed up. I am four and half weeks pregnant now!

Still (im)patiently counting down…

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