A Girl … It is…

Well, it was confirmed last night that you are going to be a beautiful girl, inshallaah! I wanted to celebrate, jump around and skip and dance, but it was waaayyyyyyy to HOT to deal with any extra activity.

This pregnancy has been weird so far. No fulfilled cravings, no maternity clothes so far, no extra TLC and no weight gain! Sigh! I hope I have a baby shower but that’s something that doesn’t appear to be on the radar. May be for all that I haven’t got, I may just be blessed with an extra special baby. Inshallaah.

It has been a long time since I have been here, just too lazy, I guess. Well for the most part complaining about the heat and lack of yummy food.

Right now, I miss my Mommy and Khala. I hope when you go through this phase of your life, I am right beside you, pampering and fattening you. Ameen…

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