Kicks and Punches, that NO ONE Feels!

I had to blog this one. Last night, you kept kicking or punching continuously for at least a whole 30 seconds. I didn’t bring Daddy’s attention to it. I wanted to wait to make sure you would go on. After 30 seconds, I felt quite confident that you would go on until Daddy’s hand makes it to my tummy. Alas! As soon as I said, ‘Honey, give me your hand’, you stop!!!!!

You just stopped!!!!!!!!

Or at least, you stopped kicking or punching hard enough for anyone to feel you. That was really funny. Daddy was disappointed. He was like it is almost 6 months and I haven’t felt my baby move. Hahahahahaa… Poor guy! We have seen you move during the ultrasounds but, feeling you move is just another amazing feeling that the poor man hasn’t yet been able to be a part of. Poor Man!!!

I find this whole issue really hilarious but I don’t think your father shares the same feeling… Hahahahahaha…

Still patiently waiting for your arrival… 😀

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