All about Daddy!

This has nothing to do with your pregnancy but everything to do with important characteristics that we want to instill in you as a child.

Your daddy is a very hardworking man. It is 16th Ramadan now, he is fasting but at the same time taking long 3-4 hour trips to Cairo. Sometimes, he leaves by Dhuhr only to return the next day at Fajr. During his time in Cairo, he is busy to his neck trying to get stuff done and people organized. It is not easy! The heat without good air-conditioning can really put off a fasting person. I know, I would back away, but he doesn’t. He perseveres and gets his job done.

We want you to be the same, hardworking, focussed, determined and strong. This ummah needs a lot of help and I want you to not only help but lead.

Yesterday was not fun for daddy. Things weren’t going the way he had organized them and there was a lot of time wasted. Obviously, he was annoyed and not happy, but he still made the trip down to his friend to help him. His friend, Abdul Jabbar, lives 2 hours away from Cairo and had some pinched nerve problem because of which he couldn’t walk for long. Daddy decided to bring him to Mansourah to visit a chiropractor here, during his treatment he would live in our house. Why am I telling you all this?

Imagine, 3-4 hour journey to Cairo, in the heat, little accomplished work-wise; all this leads to a cranky crusty daddy. But, he wanted to help his friend for the sake of Allaah, not for money, only to gain Allaah’s pleasure. He put his inconvenience to one side and focussed on what needs to be done.

We want to inculcate the same in you. Some characteristics you will acquire through genes and some through environment. Inshallaah, Allaah will make it easy for us to provide you surroundings that successfully teach all of these to make you a better Muslimah!

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