My Mommy (Your Nani)…

… is a Female (nowadays one has to specify the gender on seemingly routine things)

… is Strong

… is Beautiful

… is Disciplined

… is Hardworking

… is Focussed

… is a Terrorist

… is Organized

… is Loveable

… is Mine!

My Mommy taught me to …

… be Strong

… be Disciplined

… be Focussed (which I am not!)

… be Organized (took a lot of effort from her side)

… be Neat and Clean (Sigh!)

… be Hardworking (I Hardly Work! Hence, the pet name, Lazy Bones.)

… Look Presentable

Most of all my Mommy taught me that love can come in unique and unconventional packages. If you come across me and my mom together under one roof, you won’t help but notice all she does is scream at me. All guidance and instructions are given in a loud and deliberate monotone. This her letting me know how much she loves me. She knows I won’t listen if she has to quietly explain anything to it, so to make sure whatever she has to say enters my head, she screams. And, I miss her for that!  The first time I left home for UAE, I missed my mommy guiding me with every single step (even though I would never listen). I was dysfunctional and still am.

Another one of my mom’s crazy way of showing her love for me is… Every thing that goes wrong in her life HAS to be my fault. It just has to. Even if I am in a different continent and she has broken a plate in her kitchen, that mistake is my fault! How? Well, because she was thinking of me, got distracted and dropped the plate. Simple!!! This is her way of telling me that I am her first and most loved child who can change her schedule, put her off-track or just stop her in her tracks, only because she was thinking of me. She would go to any extent to protect and guide me (even if I don’t listen, that’s where the screaming comes into play).

This is my Mommy. A whacko terrorist with a heart brimming with love for her children. This is MY Mommy. She is Mine. She maybe imperfect to the world but is PERFECT for me!

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