Your Munno Nana (My Munno Mama)

You really want to know the excitement you have stirred in my family? Yesterday, I was speaking to your Munno Nana and he said he is going to put up an announcement in Bahrain’s local English newspaper announcing your birth!

Your expected arrival date is 16th December, also happens to be the National Day of Bahrain. While you are in my tummy steadily growing, your Grandparents, Parents, Mamas and Khalas are planning, organizing and waiting for your arrival.

The other day Noora Khala told me that your Gurya Nani couldn’t wait to dress you up the way she dressed and pampered me!

You are one lucky lil girl to have so much love waiting to be showered on you.

PS. Happy 25th week in my noisy uterus! 😀

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