Problems Faced Until Now

One day, inshallaah, you will be pregnant too. Just so I don’t forget, I am going to list down all the discomforts faced and how I got around it. It may not be the same for you but there is no harm in knowing.

First Trimester: Nausea (Morning Sickness) and Tiredness. Very simple. You may not feel like eating a whole load because of the nausea and this contributes to the general lethargy feeling. Eat whatever you feel like. Avoid sugary stuff as much as you can. Try fruits. But, if you can’t, try eating anything that you crave. That’s what I did. I spent a whole load of money on Pizza Hut during those days. All I wanted was Spicy Chicken Wings with Potato Wedges. Sometimes, pizza and sometimes, a chicken wrap. But, it was mostly the wings with wedges.

For the nausea, I took these tablets that the doctor prescribed. I tried to put it off as much as possible but it was really bad. I tried licking lemons, that worked for some time. But, eventually, took the meds to help as nothing really worked and I would go without eating much for the whole day.

For the tiredness, you will have to keep active. Best thing is to swim every morning or exercise every morning. That really helps! Since, I didn’t have a swimming pool around, your daddy and I would go walking at night. That helped. But, of course, you will still feel tired as your body is going through a lot of changes and is working over-time. Nothing much can be done about it except having a healthy lifestyle which includes eating well, exercising and keeping stress at bay.

Second Trimester: This is the best part during pregnancy. The nausea and other first trimester discomforts start easing. Your bump is slowly increasing, flutterings can be felt in your abdomen and you are glowing and energetic. I was in a hot place during this time, it was really hot. So, that didn’t make things very easy. I wish I was in an air-conditioned place but somehow that was dealt with. Constant baths and staying indoors during the day. This is the time you should start concentrating on eating nutritious food and also staying active.

Right now, I am nearing the end of the second trimester. My bump (with you in it) is growing really fast. A couple more days and the third trimester starts, inshallaah. Now, I am faced with backaches, sciatica and sometimes, general overall achiness.

For the backaches, Daddy is constantly giving me back rubs. Doesn’t help a lot but is a temporary relief. What really works is walking. When I am walking around I feel better but, do not, do not, do not overdo it. You should listen to your body and stop before exhausting yourself out. Though, I haven’t tried it, I think light swimming is the best at this time. You can tell, I really love swimming. It makes you feel lighter and cooler, plus you get in a good exercise.

Then, you have the sciatica. You will feel this as a sharp pain from your lower back or bum down to the back of your legs. Difficult to sit or sleep on that side. I have it from my left bum down to my left leg. Can’t sit for long or sleep for long on my left side. The best thing that works for me is a cold pack on my bum! That’s my award winning solution to this problem. I haven’t tried anything else, so can’t recommend anything else.

As you near the third trimester, there are going to be discomforts as the baby is growing, you are growing and your body is getting ready for the real thing, DELIVERY!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh, yes… It is a very scary thought! It is scary but also a time that you are looking forward to. Without the delivery, no baby. How can a woman not be confusing when she is faced with confusing situations!??!?? Sigh!

Oh, I forgot to mention, sleeping. Sleep with a pillow under your bump or between your legs. When you were busy growing in me, I needed a pillow under my bump to feel comfortable at night.

3 more days and we will be in the third trimester, inshallaah. More discomforts to come, more impatience and one cute lil baby at the end of it all, inshallaah.

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