First Rib Kick and Ending of Ramadan

I asked you to not rib-kick me! You naughty lil babe! I was watching a documentary on the Soviet War in Afghanistan, enjoying it and learning from it at the same time; and I feel you giving me a good kick or punch in my right rib.

Please, don’t give me stronger ones there. I enjoy your kicks and punches but I am sure I am not going to enjoy being rib-kicked! Todays light kick was a slight discomfort and can only imagine how a nice kick in the rib would feel like!

Anyway, just as your mother never listened to your nani, I can’t expect you to listen to me. It very likely that you will have a mind of your own and won’t shy from following your heart, as that is what defines both your parents! Parenting you is going to be fun and difficult. I am not so worried about it, as I have my mommy (your nani). Hehehehhehehe… She knows me inside out and knows all the tricks to deal with a kid just like me, inshallaah!

Ramadan ends tomorrow! My most persistent duaa has been that you are delivered in Bahrain, straight into your Nani’s arms. I cannot imagine anyone being more thrilled and happy when you arrive than your Nana and Nani. You have wonderful grandparents and I have nothing to worry about as long as they are around. They have been my cushion and support; and have no doubt that you will find the same comfort in them too, inshallaah.

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