Hot Hotter Hottest

It is HOT today. Can’t wait for winter. The weather was getting cooler but now the weather charts show that this going to be a HOT week! Aaaahhhhhhh… I hate summers. I want some cool air with a nice cup of coffee and doughnut. Yummmmmmm…

We are in our 28th week! Just 11 more weeks to go! Your grandparents have gotten everything ready for your arrival. I haven’t bought a single pregnancy item or baby stuff. Can you believe that! I can’t. When you have your first baby I will make sure I dress you up in cute pregnancy clothes and, just as your Nana and Nani have done, will buy all kinds of goodies for my grand-child. I will make sure you are pampered head to toe. Inshallaah!

I remember when you were 11 weeks old in my tummy. I was constantly sick and cranky. And, I feel the absolute same way now. I am nauseous with a splitting headache and the heat is back! Arghhhh… But, I am enjoying your jabs, they reassure me that you are well. I still can’t believe that we have come so far. Just you and me!

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