Ultrasound # I Don’t Know

You doing well in there, alhamdullilaah. I saw your big head, your teeny heart, your backbone and limbs!! Your heart went boom-boom, your backbone was soooooo clear, your limbs weren’t very apparent to me and you have made my lungs a comfortable cushion for your head, no wonder I am always gasping for air. Yup, you are head up and limbs down, better change your position by delivery time, I don’t want to be cut up. That’s the procedure here, a breech baby is delivered only by caesarean.

I put on 3kgs since the last visit, that is 4 kgs on the total!!!!! 3 kgs in 5 weeks!!!! I am certainly growing and so are you, alhamdullilaah. The constant headaches and migraines are probably because of the low blood pressure, now I know what to correct to get rid of those awful migraines.

As per the ultrasound, you are 28 weeks and 4 days old today, 2 whole days ahead.

My lil beanie, my teeny-weeny tadpole is growing into a beautiful Princess!!! *sniff sniff*

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