I have given this a lot of thought. I am really embarrassed to put this up as a post, but I am sure this is one memory that I am going have a good laugh at later on. So, here goes:

I have been nagging your Daddy about things we need to buy before I step into the 9th month of pregnancy. Things like Pampers, Baby Lotion, Baby Cologne, Baby Shampoo, Baby Powder, Cotton Balls, Bath-Tub and so on. But, for some reason I kept repeating Pampers more often than the rest. So, your Dad decided to surprise me.

A couple of days back he walks in with a small bag of Pampers for a newborn. I was really really really surprised. I didn’t expect him to give these things a thought. Since then, I have been walking around with that Pampers bag. Your Daddy and I pretend as if it is a baby. Hahahahahaha… I dropped it once while juggling a water-bottle in one hand and the Pampers bag in another. And, your Daddy goes, “Gasp, you dropped the baby!” Hahahahahahaha… The Pampers bag ‘sleeps’ with us on the bed. But, when I don’t have space I end up dumping it on top of the headboard of the bed. And, of course, your Dad has to comment about it, “Normal people don’t keep their babies up there” Hahahahahahahahahaa…

This small bag of Pampers has become ‘the pre-baby’ at home. It is really funny as sometimes I treat it as a non-living thing and at other times it is treated like a baby. Whenever we talk about how we are going to rock you to sleep or burp you or play with you, it is all demonstrated on the Pampers bag. I intend to pack this in the hospital bag, but I don’t think I am ready to use it. I want to keep it as a souvenir of some sort. When you grow up this little bag may just bring back a whole load of memories of your pregnancy (not that I particularly need a Pampers bag). This bag is representative of the warmth, love and attachment we already feel towards you. It sounds crazy but it is really cute at the same time.

Instead of playing with a baby-doll, we are role-playing with a Pampers bag. After all, we are a crazy family. And, you are, inshallaah, going to be a part of it SOON!

A Big Baby

Wednesday, 20th October 2010, this is when the doctor told me you were a slightly Big baby. Your bone measurement was that of a 34 week old fetus, not 32 weeks. I was so happy! I always keep worrying if you are doing well in there. I was relieved and happy to know that you are not just doing well, but great!

This time your Daddy and I saw your femur bone, head (that measured normal for a 32 week old fetus), limbs, a full bladder (peeing away in mommy, huh!?), your cute little heart and small circles that was your bum (I saw two circles on the sonogram and asked the doctor what they were, she said they are the buttocks, hahahaha, I found that funny).

I can’t wait to see you. The doctor says you are a beautiful girl. Inshallaah, you will be a healthy beautiful Muslimah. And, we are all waiting to welcome our little Princess. Your Nani calls you Baby Fatimah and according to your Nani, your Nana will be referring you as Baby Allu. Your Khala-Nani decided that she is going to call you Maryam (don’t ask!).

So, Fatimah, Baby Fatimah, Baby Allu and Maryam, we all love you and always will. You are my first baby and the first grand-child.


Tomorrow is 16th October! Exactly two more months to go… GULP!!! It is so easy to nourish and take care of you while you are in my tummy. The thought of you being a little baby in my arms during the winter… GULP! How am I going to manage it all? Alhamdullilaah, your Nani will be around.

I can’t wait for her to be here. I know we are going to be at each others throat all the time; or rather she will be at my throat all the time but I still can’t wait for her to be here. It has been almost one and a half years since I have seen her, the longest time in my whole life! I can only imagine how she feels. I am sure she misses me more than I can even comprehend. I love my Mommy.

December, inshallaah, will be a happy time for me. I will be in between two Fatimahs! A daughter of one and a mother of one; and I am sure both the Fatimahs will make it their solemn duty to drive me and your Daddy NUTS. I can’t wait to see Nani Fatimah bonding with Nawasi Fatimah. Oh well, I can’t wait to see, feel, experience many many things…

As I said, 2 more months left… GULP!!!

Say Alhamdullilaah!


In 2 days we will be in our 8th month, inshallaah. I have read a lot about what other pregnant women go through. I realized that I didn’t have much discomfort during this pregnancy. The morning sickness was awful and the heat unbearable. That’s it! I can’t think of anything else that made me sick to the core. Yes, I have had a couple of backaches, sleepless nights, migraines, headaches and cramps scattered throughout the months. But, nothing that makes me say, “Oh, I can’t wait for this to end!” I am enjoying having you in me. Enjoying walking around like a penguin (a bit embarrassed outside). Enjoying sporting a huge big belly.

Yes, I can’t wait for you to pop out and get my body back where I can move around more easily. But, all in all, this hasn’t been a bad and painful pregnancy yet. Alhamdullilaah!


We are into our 30th week, alhamdullilaah. This is what Babycentre has to say:

“Good news ย— at this point your baby’s lungs and digestive tract are nearly mature, meaning she’ll do much better in the event of premature birth. Researchers also believe your baby can actually see now, in utero, but no one knows exactly how much she can make out. She’s also becoming more cramped in your uterus and less able to move so freely, although when she does move, it’s very noticeable.”

Yes, very noticeable! I can’t sleep most nights! But, I can’t say I am not enjoying it.

Oh, I can’t wait for December. I will be surrounded by many Fatimahs, the loves of my life! ย ๐Ÿ˜€

I Look Like a Mom, GASP!

Today Daddy took a picture of me in all my pregnancy-glow and glory. But, when I saw the snap, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! I looked like a mom! I no longer looked like what I thought I looked like. I thought I still looked like my mommy’s girl with a bulging belly. But, NO, I looked like a mom. Oh my God, I look like a mom! I am going to be a mom. A mommy. A mother. A mom. Mom… MOM!!!!!!

Calming down… Calming down… Breathing… Breathing… I can do this… Calm down… CALM DOWN… JUST CALM DOWN… Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I am going to be a mom!

2 more months to go and I will have a little baby. A real baby not a toy! A little human being, totally dependent on me. Not only to just feed and bathe and love but also bring up as a responsible Muslimah!

Somehow I feel at ease (though I do get worked up more than I would like) as I keep asking Allaah to give me the wisdom and knowledge in bringing you up. I only want his guidance because that’s how you will turn out to be one of his slaves. I don’t want for you to be a slave to your desires and stupid shaytaan, something that you will surely struggle with. But, with the right people surrounding you and Allaah guiding you, I am sure you will be ok.

Now, all I got to do is make sure you and I are surrounded by people who work towards spreading Islaam (not changing it) and make loads and loads and loads of duaa for you and me.

I can and can’t wait to be your Mommy! Too many emotions in life, so many that it drives me nuts.

Finally a Feel!

This is really funny. Yesterday, you were really active. You kept moving, kicking and squirming in me. Some movements felt like you were kneading my uterus walls. So, Daddy decided to give a shot at feeling you. He had his hand on my tummy and waited and waited. I couldn’t help laughing at the whole thing. But, I had to control myself or else he wouldn’t be able to feel you move. I could feel a kick coming through. I held my breath and controlled my laughter.

And, wallaaaaahhhh… Daddy felt a kick for the first time! After 7 months and 3 weeks he felt you! He was thrilled… Hahahahahahaha… Just the thought of yesterdays event makes me laugh… Hahahahahaha…. He felt you kick twice!

We could also feel your head lightly pressing on my abdomen. You made your Daddy very happy yesterday, mashallaah. ๐Ÿ˜€