Finally a Feel!

This is really funny. Yesterday, you were really active. You kept moving, kicking and squirming in me. Some movements felt like you were kneading my uterus walls. So, Daddy decided to give a shot at feeling you. He had his hand on my tummy and waited and waited. I couldn’t help laughing at the whole thing. But, I had to control myself or else he wouldn’t be able to feel you move. I could feel a kick coming through. I held my breath and controlled my laughter.

And, wallaaaaahhhh… Daddy felt a kick for the first time! After 7 months and 3 weeks he felt you! He was thrilled… Hahahahahahaha… Just the thought of yesterdays event makes me laugh… Hahahahahaha…. He felt you kick twice!

We could also feel your head lightly pressing on my abdomen. You made your Daddy very happy yesterday, mashallaah. 😀

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