I Look Like a Mom, GASP!

Today Daddy took a picture of me in all my pregnancy-glow and glory. But, when I saw the snap, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! I looked like a mom! I no longer looked like what I thought I looked like. I thought I still looked like my mommy’s girl with a bulging belly. But, NO, I looked like a mom. Oh my God, I look like a mom! I am going to be a mom. A mommy. A mother. A mom. Mom… MOM!!!!!!

Calming down… Calming down… Breathing… Breathing… I can do this… Calm down… CALM DOWN… JUST CALM DOWN… Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I am going to be a mom!

2 more months to go and I will have a little baby. A real baby not a toy! A little human being, totally dependent on me. Not only to just feed and bathe and love but also bring up as a responsible Muslimah!

Somehow I feel at ease (though I do get worked up more than I would like) as I keep asking Allaah to give me the wisdom and knowledge in bringing you up. I only want his guidance because that’s how you will turn out to be one of his slaves. I don’t want for you to be a slave to your desires and stupid shaytaan, something that you will surely struggle with. But, with the right people surrounding you and Allaah guiding you, I am sure you will be ok.

Now, all I got to do is make sure you and I are surrounded by people who work towards spreading Islaam (not changing it) and make loads and loads and loads of duaa for you and me.

I can and can’t wait to be your Mommy! Too many emotions in life, so many that it drives me nuts.

4 responses

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  2. As salaamo alaykum! Yes you are a Mom and you should look like one too! But the real question is: “WHAT DO MOM’S LOOK LIKE”????
    Comments anyone…?

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