Say Alhamdullilaah!


In 2 days we will be in our 8th month, inshallaah. I have read a lot about what other pregnant women go through. I realized that I didn’t have much discomfort during this pregnancy. The morning sickness was awful and the heat unbearable. That’s it! I can’t think of anything else that made me sick to the core. Yes, I have had a couple of backaches, sleepless nights, migraines, headaches and cramps scattered throughout the months. But, nothing that makes me say, “Oh, I can’t wait for this to end!” I am enjoying having you in me. Enjoying walking around like a penguin (a bit embarrassed outside). Enjoying sporting a huge big belly.

Yes, I can’t wait for you to pop out and get my body back where I can move around more easily. But, all in all, this hasn’t been a bad and painful pregnancy yet. Alhamdullilaah!

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