Nana and Nani’s Hajj

In 3 days Nana and Nani will be off to Saudi to perform Hajj, 04th November 2010. This year has been really wonderful. They are going for Hajj and inshallaah before the year ends you will be in your Nani’s arms. I can’t wait to see your glowing, happy and proud Nani next month. Yup! Just another month to go and she will be here inshallaah.

We are going to get cuddles, well, you will get most of them and I will be screamed at. Sigh! Inshallaah, you will be the love and light of her eyes. I know she is going to make a whole load of duaas for us during Hajj.

Nani is really excited about Hajj. Inshallaah, one day we will all go together as a big happy family. That would please me and of course, her too!

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