Cord Discussion

No, your Daddy and I weren’t having a discussion on whether we should be banking your cord blood. Rather, I was telling him how I would cry when your cord will be clamped! Right now, you are connected to me and with me all the time. To me the clamping of the cord would mean the first step towards you being independent and not physically connected to me.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of you being an independent person and exploring the world by yourself. But, I like the idea of you being close to me (very close to me all the time) even more! I guess that’s why mothers get very emotional when they see their babies grow up quickly. I don’t even like to entertain the idea of you getting married or going to a different country to attend college.

As Allaah has it, time moves on, people move forward and babies grow! Sigh…

Please remain my little teeny-weeny beanie even when you are 40! In other words, don’t act smart in front of me or else you will be smacked upside the head in front of everybody, even if you are 40.

I love you… 😀

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