Well, yes, we are taking the option of home-birthing seriously. This is new to me and your Daddy; actually the whole family. I have a feeling that Nani is going to flip (I haven’t told her anything yet).

At this juncture, I don’t know if we are going to eventually have a home-birth or hospital birth. But, we are certainly uncomfortable with the hospitals and birthing centers here. I currently have no doctor. My previous doctor wasn’t very keen on having anyone in the Labor and Delivery Room, that is a No-No here in Egypt. They just can’t digest the fact of having ones husband around during the delivery. And, yesterday, Daddy went to check on another doctor who was recommended by the neighbor. She made clear that this is not going to be a drug-free birth! Can you believe that! Apparently, as soon as I go into labor, they are going to hook me on to painkillers whether I like it or not. And, Daddy can’t be around during the delivery time. So, the next best option is home-birth.

Considering that my pregnancy has been normal and healthy, we have warmed up to the idea of delivering you at home. This will cut out any nonsensical medical intervention or impatient doctors wanting to put me under the knife only because they have to get ‘done’ with me. Believe it or not, this is how it works here. The majority of people here don’t care about anyone except themselves. Inshallaah, Daddy is looking into finding a good doctor who has the tools and expertise of home-birthing.

Daddy and I think this will be a good experience for everyone involved. Daddy wants to be a part of the delivery process and wants to deliver you under the guidance of the doctor. I want to be the first to carry you. And, I want Nani to give you your first rub down/bath. Well, this what we were dreaming of yesterday. Inshallaah, whatever is going to happen after 3 weeks will be the best of you and us.

In 2 days we will be in the 37th week, 3 more weeks to go. Inshallaah, very soon you will be a part of our lives and a part of this world.

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