First Outing

Today was your first outing, you are 15 days old. I can’t believe how quickly you are growing. Your original due date was yesterday and you were supposed to be a day old today, but Allaah planned it that you would be 15 days old today. My big girl!

I have a lot to say but I am either so sleepy or just tired. This is what being sandwiched between Fatimahs does to a sane person. Hahahahaha…

Ok, more on your outing, your Nani, you and I went down to Awdallaah Supermarket. We took a taxi to and from the supermarket, my little princess sat in broken, dirty Egyptian taxis! Anyway, you were very well-behaved at the supermarket. Nani carried you and you slept throughout. I am so proud of you. You woke up as soon as I set you on the bed. Inshallaah, there are going to be more outings, just be at your best behavior. 😀

Now, I am off to nap. I nap when you nap. Ah, the joys of motherhood…

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