A Month Old!

I can’t believe you will be a month old tomorrow, inshallaah. You have been a lovely baby this past month. You are growing up really quickly. Now, you kick your way up, you can move your head and you coo and gurgle at us when we speak to you. You have the loudest voice here, your crying can wake up any living person! You had a loud voice from day one. I remember being quite shocked to hear you cry just a couple of hours after you were born. You were LOUD, really LOUD. You have the most adorable smile. Oh, I can just eat you up.

You have settled into a very inconvenient routine. You sleep by day and want to be entertained at night. This is the most difficult thing for me, waking up every two hours and keeping you fairly entertained all night while others are snoring.

Oh, I forgot to mention, you are a bundle of snorts, farts, burps and grunts! You come up with the most weirdest of noises. Sometimes you fart/burp so loud that it sounds like an adult farting/burping. Hahahahaha…

This post seems to be all over the place as I am getting all emotional about you growing up so quickly. I wish time could slow down a bit so that I can savor every moment with you a little more.

Oh my daughter, you have been the warmth and love that I waited for all these months. But, you have also been a test, test of patience. You have given me strength, I know I am strong enough to take care of you. I cannot imagine going through life without you. You have made me a mother, your mother. I love you!

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