On Being Colicky

Are you colicky? No.

The first time when you started crying inconsolably for two days, I thought you were colicky. But, it just turned out to be a gas problem. Your stomach was hard and that was causing you a lot of discomfort, obviously. This was sorted out by giving a couple of teaspoons of ajwain (in arabic yansoon) water three times a day. You were back to being a cute baby.

The second time you started crying crazily at night was when you had a congested chest and a stuffed nose. We got you nose drops that you seemed to like. I would put one drop in each nose expecting you to wail afterwards but nothing. For your congested chest we gave you onion syrup. Onion syrup is really good for getting that extra phlegm out of your body, it all comes out either from your mouth or bum. Since you are a teeny-weeny baby you were given just a teaspoon but when you grow up, I will give you a tablespoon. It is really tasty.

Now, the third time was the worst. You would cry the whole night. THE WHOLE NIGHT. And, be uncomfortable during the day. I hated to see you so uncomfortable resulting in you being over-tired and unable to drink properly. This time the culprit was you weren’t able to clear your tummy. Your diapers would be wet but not dirty. This time an infantile suppository came to our rescue. We just put one into your bum, you exploded. Exploded. Your diaper was full and your clothes dirty. After we cleaned you slept like mommy’s little angel. And, after that you were back to your routine of dirting 3 – 4 diapers everyday.

All these remedies that were used to comfort you, you can use them at anytime of your life (well, suppository may just be uncomfortable when you get older, hahahahaha). To make ajwain (yansoon) water, put a teaspoon of ajwain in one cup water and boil. You can drink that after every meal, helps in digestion. For the onion syrup, cut the onions in circles, very thin circles (only circles) and sprinkle sugar over it. Keep this in a tilted plate and in around 10 – 15 minutes, you should have some syrup.

You are my little doll and I love you.

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