Right now, I am not sure if you will ever know what a paranda is. Let me give you a small definition:

Decorative, colourful strings, knotted together into a woman’s braid or designed into hair buns. The tassels are highly decorative: red is usually used for brides, gold or silver for special occasions, and other colours to match the everyday apparel.


I don’t know if I will ever be able to knot a paranda on your lovely hair. I always wanted to decorate your hair with all sorts of accessories and dress you up like a doll. Today, I am wearing a silver-colored paranda. And, inshallaah, tomorrow I will wear a gold one. I will save these ones for you. Inshallaah, I will be able to knot this gold and silver ones on your hair too.

I have put up a few photos on how to tie a paranda on your hair.

There you go… Your small tutorial on how to knot a paranda. I have always had so many plans for you, from fashion to education.

I love you a lot. You are my most beautiful baby.

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