Once A Upon A Time…

in a far far away land, there was a pretty little Princess. Her name was Fatimah. She had silky soft hair, dimpled cheeks and chin. She had these beautiful long fingers and cute little toes. And, she had the loudest voice her mother ever heard. She was the most beautiful little girl in the whole kingdom. Whenever the Queen would take her out, people would stop by to have a look.

The Queen couldn’t believe that she had the prettiest daughter of the kingdom. She dressed her daughter in pretty pink clothes with pink bows and shoes. She would play with her Princess and sing to her too. The Princess loved listening to her mother sing and she would coo, gurgle and kick.

One day, while the Queen was cradling her pretty little Princess, a black witch with the ugliest hair stormed into their castle and took the Princess away. The Queen was devastated. She cried and cried and cried. Everyone in the kingdom were sad. No one had seen so much sadness before. Just then, the wisest man of the kingdom came and advised the Queen to fight the witch. The Queen told the wise man that she wasn’t as strong as the witch. The wise man said, “You are on the truth, and whoever is on the truth; Allaah is with them”. The Queen had then made up her mind to fight the witch. She didn’t want the witch to ever hurt anyone else.

The Queen spent days in praying and planning. Then, one day, the Queen’s advisors told her it was time to attack the witch. She readied herself. She set out towards the witch with faith and hope in her heart and sword in her hand. As she neared the witch’s tower, she decided to pray. As she was praying, she heard the cries of her little Princess. The Queen hurried on her horse and crashed into the witch’s ugly black tower.

The witch was taken back with surprise. He never expected the weak Queen to fight back. He picked up his ugly black sword and marched forward to kill the Queen. The Queen fought with all her might. They fought and fought and fought. Finally, the witch surrendered. The Queen wanted to kill the witch for the ugliness and hurt he had spread in her kingdom. But, the witch repented and apologized. The Queen forgave the witch and ran towards her little Princess.

She picked her little Baby and hugged her and kissed her. She promised to never leave her alone ever again. She held her Baby close to her heart and rode towards the castle. As soon as they entered their kingdom, there was cheer and happiness everywhere again. The earth was full of blooming flowers and the sky filled with colorful balloons. There was not a sad face to be seen.

And, the Queen and the pretty Princess lived happily ever after.

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