Being Grateful

I realized that from the time you were taken away, I have been begging Allaah to give you back to me. I have been crying in front of him for forgiveness. Little did I realize that I had much to be grateful for too. I spoke to a very dear friend of mine, N, and she turned my attention to all that I should be thanking Allaah for. Alhamdullilaah aala kulli haal.

No doubt, I am in pain. But, at the same time, I have bought myself closer to Allaah. And, that in itself is something I should be thanking Allaah for. After every difficulty comes ease, and I will have my ease too. Allaah has promised this ease to those who are patient, and He keeps his promises. This is an important lesson I want you to learn. Life is full of difficulties and hardships, but there are also times of ease and this ease is promised by Allaah to those who are patient and have faith in Him alone.

There is no one worthy of worship except Allaah. And, be grateful to Him in times of ease and difficulty.

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