Falling in Love

Last night I watched Wall-E. It is a cute animated movie on a little robot who falls in love. As I was watching it I kept thinking of you. I want to tell you something on love.

Love is beautiful. Falling in love with that special someone is even more beautiful. You don’t understand what’s going on inside. You just fall in love. You want that person to be happy even if you have to sacrifice your dreams or ambitions or desires. Every person has a special someone in their life for whom they are willing to do anything. And, I make dua that you find yours. Someone who will keep you happy, who will make you laugh from your heart, who will make you dance with glee, who will take care of you when ill or healthy, who will love your dimples, who will love your anger too, who will comfort you when sad, who will just love you for who you are.

Love is a very beautiful and comforting feeling.

I love you and I miss you a lot!


I Just Want You To Know…

that I love you and miss you. Sometimes, I feel that I have numbed the area in my heart that loves you, which is my whole heart! I have numbed it not because I don’t want to love you anymore, but because I don’t want to feel the pain that comes along with it.

Every person has their own unique way of dealing with pain, I guess this is mine. I love you a lot.

3 Months Old!

Yes, you turned 3 months two days back. Couldn’t get myself to write. Saw your photograph yesterday, Mashallaah, you have grown up and are a cute roly-poly baby, Mashallaah.

I miss you a lot and am doing everything I can to get you back. May Allaah re-unite this mother with her little baby soon, Ameen.