7 months and 2 weeks old

I read this email (below) one fine morning and my heart started mourning. I went back to the calendar and counted the days and weeks again. I shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have. I pray that I get my little princess back. I pray I don’t come home empty-handed again. Ya Allaah, please grant me success and please let me come home with my baby. Ameen.

From Babycentre:

“You’ve always known that you and your baby are two separate creatures, but she hasn’t. To her, the two of you are one — she has no identity of her own yet. When you put her in front of a mirror, she doesn’t even realise that the baby she sees is herself. But this month she’ll make a huge mental leap and finally understand that she’s an individual, with her own body, thoughts, and feelings. This jump in understanding opens the door to her growing emotional and physical independence, which will take years to fully develop.”