Love and Life

It has been three years since I have written to you. You are growing. Soon you’ll be a little adult. I could not muster the courage to come here, until today.

Today is, probably, the first time after we parted that I am trying to trust again. I don’t know if I can, but I do know that Saquib is a trustworthy person. Subhanallaah, Allaah is so merciful and generous. All of Ramadan I asked Allaah to introduce in my life a Muslim man who would be supportive. I don’t know why I kept asking for someone who is Muslim and supportive, that’s all I wanted. Saquib is supportive and everything more, everything. He makes me want to love, trust and listen. He makes me happy. He makes me want to not be alone. He makes me a romantic. He makes me believe in people. Weirdly, he makes me strong. He is the type of man I would like for you.

I hope, one day, you get to meet him. Some times life feels difficult and heavy. Some times you feel like a screw up, and then, there are other times when you allow people to screw with you. I guess, these are times when people around you matter the most. Someone to remind you of you.

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