Dearest Fatimah…

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Being pregnant has changed me as a person. To start with, I have begun appreciating, loving and respecting my mommy more. I have begun to understand there are some things that just cannot be controlled. And, I have also discovered that a mother can love limitlessly and unconditionally.

It amazes me how a little life can bring about so many changes, physically, emotionally and mentally! As you learn, I learn with you. My learning process started the time you were conceived. I am a daughter to my mother, and a mother to you. Just as I know my mommy is always there for me, know that I am always there for you too.

The intention behind this blog is to capture feelings and moments as they occur. You will, inshallaah, learn from some posts, amuse over some and some are posts about the love and fun that I share with you; your mommy started loving you from the time you were a tiny bean with no life until now!

I am glad I am sharing this love and warmth with someone as precious as you.

I love you…


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